Restore Missing or Lost Calendar on iPhone Easily

iPhone is one of amazing device which not only provides basic feature of cell phone like making and receiving calls, sending and receiving messages as well as its allow you to do a lots of things like playing games, watching movies, using apps, capturing videos, images and much more. Today there are many version of iPhone including iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 and all those iPhone provides same features like good storage capacity, powerful processor, high definition display, camera and many more. Apple's iPhone also provide calendar apps where you can save memorable date, birthdays, anniversary, meetings and many more. But some time due to several reasons you may lost calendar from iPhone and unable to view your calendar entries.

Causes behind lost calendar on iPhone :

  • Battery problem and improper power supply
  • virus infection and data loss
  • Human errors
  • Accidental or accidental file deletion
  • iPhone iOS corruption
  • Hardware failure and application corruption

To get back your lost iPhone calendar data you must have to create a backup copy of your iPhone calendar by which you can restore lost data, whenever you need. If your iPhone calendar missing and lost your other iPhone data due to any above reason, then only iPhone backup software will helps you to restore your lost data. This application allow and once you create a valid backup of your iPhone data including calendar, sms, images, videos music etc. then you can restore the lost iPhone data whenever you need.

Complete Features iPhone Calendar Backup Tool :

  • Easily Sync your iPhone to your computer.
  • Easily to use self-destructive user interface
  • Supports to works all iPhone models including iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4G, 4S and 5
  • Ensures the quick safe file transfer.
  • Supports to use both Mac and Windows computer.

The utility works on the basis of backup folder rule and for this to be done it does automatic scanning, indexing and searching of files from iPhone and list those up for transfer. Is capable of making Backup of various file types of iphone - SMS, email, photos, contacts, videos. Full as well as incremental backup facility provided.

The iPhone backup software will helps you to restore your lost calendar on iPhone from the back file which you created earlier before facing data loss situation. This application provides an easy to use interface by which iPhone users can easily create backup of their iPhone data. This supports any version of iPhone to create backup files just connect your iPhone and follow the simple steps to create backup of iPhone calendar.

User Guide : How to Use iPhone Backup Software :-

Step 1 : - Download and install iTunes backup Location software to the System and then connect iPhone to PC. The software detects the device automatically and displays the info on the System.

Step 2 : - Now show the list of files from the iPhone.Choose the files you want to take backup and click on export button.

Step 3 : - You can choose either backup of computer or itunes directly. You can set the output folder at Advanced -> Options before you transfer and backup.

Step 4 : - When backup is finished a window will pop up displaying message as 'export finished' after which you can see it from the location stored in.